Digital Declutter Kickstart - Self Guided Learning, Pre-Recorded Class

An Overview of How to Organize and Clean Up Your Digital Space

You may feel overwhelmed just with the mere thought of organizing your digital workspace.

Perhaps you have been craving more space, ease and flow in your digital world.

Maybe your computer or your phone constantly "screams" at you
because you are constantly working at its capacity.

It can be very frustrating when you try to save something only to find out
you have maxed out your storage limits.


Enter ... Digital Declutter Bliss!

Learn the Heartledpreneurs™ way to decluttering your digital workspace on your computer AND your phone.

We will cover:
♡ tips and tricks to keep you organized
♡ often unknown storage limit culprits
♡ different options for storing files and photos
♡ a strategy for moving forward
We will motivate you to take time over the next month to clean up your computer and devices.

Save yourself time.
Create space for an abundance of incredible opportunities.
Feel less stress and overwhelm.

It's time to get digitally organized!

"When I first found Amanda, I was feeling lost, scattered and overwhelmed.
After each session, my vision came together piece by piece like a puzzle finally coming into existence.
She helped me put them into a clear, cohesive picture.
I now have momentum, I can see my vision clearly and I know that if I need support,
I can reach out to my business cheerleader who is in my corner."

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Digital Declutter Kickstart

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Amanda Gobatto | Founder of Heartledpreneurs™ (she/her) is...

◦  a widow and a Mom of two teens
◦  a retired elementary educator
◦  former part time marketing professor
◦  published writer
◦  sat on various boards
◦  and last but definitely not least, a passionate, heartfelt entrepreneur who guides small business owners to feel connected, clear and confident in their branding, marketing and messaging as well as business systems and strategies and implementing online aspects of their business. 

    Amanda supports small business owners through:
    ◦  1:1 coaching and consulting + strategizing
    ◦  Marketing Think Tank sessions, Work Pods, connection circles
    ◦  online Professional Learning workshops + courses

    Amanda has the gift of understanding the digital world and connecting with audiences in the online space. Over 18 years ago, Amanda became a blogger, growing an audience of Canadian Moms syndicated to over 100,000 followers. Since then, she has worked with a variety of solopreneurs and brands like Today's Parent and Netflix all while sharing stories and continuing to inspire, empower and educate entrepreneurs across the globe.

    Her mission is to work with fellow Heartledpreneurs to create a positive impact in this world together.