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We are a community of 
heart-centered solopreneurs who:

♡ are inspired + driven to create a positive impact
lead with HEART 
create meaningful connections

~ you are not alone in this journey, Heartledpreneur ~

You are here because you desire to make a difference in this world as you lead with heart while creating positive impact through your Small Business and by being uniquely YOU.  The Heartledpreneur way of marketing, branding, messaging and all.the.things in your Small Business is to ALWAYS lead with heart 

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing for the Month Ahead

Gain Clarity on How to Move Forward in Your Small Business

Create Connection in Community

Work Pod Productivity Sessions

♡ Connect with the Heartledpreneur Community
♡ Get into FLOW
♡ Get work done + celebrate productivity
Being an entrepreneur doesn't have to be lonely!
We follow a Heartledpreneur Work Pod Formula
to give you the opportunity to get organized,
set intentions and get work done!

Marketing Think Tank
An opportunity to be inspired, create content and connect with others to get your creative juices flowing and attract your aligned audience.

Reflect + Connect
A session for Personal and 
Professional Reflection + Re-Alignment ~ a powerful opportunity to reflect and set your intentions for the month ahead to help you feel aligned with your best self.

Digital Clutter Buster Sessions
Get your Digital Organization questions answered. Learn how to organize all of the moving parts of your business + digital spaces. Get work done to declutter and streamline so that you can feel organized, calm and confident.

Biz Bliss Learning Series
*Heartledpreneur Membership gains automatic access to this series

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Gain clarity on your online presence, marketing, branding and business organization
to help you move forward in your online business.

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Amanda Gobatto

Founder of Digital Girl Consulting + Heartledpreneurs™

It is my mission to serve heart-led business owners with coaching + digital support so that they can have an effective online presence and reach their aligned audience with confidence while creating a movement of positive change in this world together.

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