Upcoming Small Business Circles...

Open to all heart-centered, open minded small business owners who are looking to 
create positive change together in this world.

Wednesday September 1, 2021
12:30pm-1:30pm ET
Investment: FREE

Reflect + Connect is a monthly event that is a...
heartfelt combination of reflection in your life and business AND connection with open-minded, heart-led small business owners.
Reflection is an important ingredient to success in our life and business. Pause ~ take a moment to reflect on the past month.
Think ~ be prompted with questions to document or discuss with the group. Connect ~ with other heart-centered entrepreneurs as well as with yourself.

Feel a deep connection to your business, your clients, and the direction that your business is heading.

Stay Tuned for Our Next Heart2Heart!
Limited to 10 Heartledpreneurs

Heart2Heart Small Business Circle was created to...
♡ hold space for fellow small business owners who could use a safe space to be open and real
♡ provide support and ideas to fellow heart centered small business owners ♡ come up with some creative ideas to help you move forward and continue to be top of mind regardless of the current situation

This event is open to all business owners who are heartled and who are passionate about making a difference in this world.