You feel disorganized with your tasks and your to-dos.

When it comes to starting a new project for work, you have no idea where to start or how to track your progress.

You need a system in place to help you with deadlines and reminders.

Through this program, you will create space in your life and business to do your best work while gaining:
clarity, focus and control.

Streamlined is about creating a system that you can trust.

We will look at the five areas of organization and offer you tools to support you .

Capturing Ideas, Tasks and To-Do Lists

Ability to track next steps

for Events, Meetings and Appointments

Reference Materials and Notes

Project Manager

How Streamlined works...

This course runs from Wednesday January 26 - February 16th.
Each week, a pre-recorded video will be added to the course along with some tasks for you to complete during the week.

We will have TWO LIVE Q+A sessions, one on Feb 2nd and one on Feb 16th from 11-12 for you to ask your questions and gain clarification.
There is also a Discussion Board available to you to ask questions in between Q+A sessions.



Amanda came into my path as I was needing much guidance to reignite my business...not only did PlanFest 2022 provide a beautiful connection space, but it brought forward a healing space and some insight as to my next business steps. Truly life-changing course for me both personally and professionally. So well worth the investment if you are looking to start, grow or expand your business!!!

Program Pricing

Amanda Gobatto

Amanda Gobatto | Founder of Heartledpreneurs™ (she/her) is...

◦  a wife and a mom of two children
◦  a retired elementary educator
◦  part time marketing professor
◦  published writer
◦  FemCity Toronto Board member and FemCity Newmarket President
◦  and last but definitely not least, a passionate, heartfelt entrepreneur who guides small business owners to feel connected, clear and confident in their branding, marketing and messaging as well as business systems and strategies and implementing online aspects of their business. 

    Amanda supports small business owners through:
    ◦  1:1 coaching and consulting + strategizing
    ◦  monthly Social Media Think Tank sessions, Work Pods, circles and more
    ◦  and online Professional Development workshops + courses

    Amanda has the gift of understanding the digital world and connecting with audiences in the online space. Over 17 years ago, Amanda became a blogger, growing an audience of Canadian Moms syndicated to over 100,000 followers. Since then, she has worked with brands like Today's Parent and Netflix all while sharing stories and continuing to inspire, empower and educate entrepreneurs across the globe.

    Her mission is to work with fellow Heartledpreneurs to create positive change in this world together.