Social Media Think Tank

Connection - Creative Juices - Clarity

Stop Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall!
START receiving creative content ideas, connection + accountability and sprinkle your content with intentional action!

Each month, we will come together to...

♡ Gain unique content ideas
♡ Receive creative inspiration each month
♡ Be a part of a supportive, heart-led community of like-minded entrepreneurs
♡ Dedicate time each month to work ON your business  

Join us each month and gain confidence in your messaging, content and putting yourself "out there" as a brand.

Every month, you will receive:

♡ 2 hour brainstorm + planning session on Zoom
♡ Monthly ideas, themes & tools for a fresh & effective online presence
♡ Monthly printables to keep you organized
♡ The opportunity to brainstorm and collaborate
♡ Social media strategy & tips ♡ Monthly marketing plan guidance

Since 2018, this is how we roll....
This is a monthly ONLINE Think Tank & Mastermind for heart-led small business owners.

Need some unique content ideas? Some creative inspiration? Some support from open-minded entrepreneurs? What about some time to work ON your business for a change.

Social Media Think Tank was created especially for you!

We meet for 2 hours online (we use Zoom) to brainstorm and plan for the month ahead, talk about what's new in social media, and get to know other business owners.

Over time, you will learn a new way of staying organized with your marketing plans and how to hold yourself accountable.

You will receive downloadable idea sheets, monthly and weekly planners.
➺It is for you if you are often feeling STUCK when it comes to WHAT to post online in order to create meaningful connections for your business.
➺It is for you if you feel some connection and collaboration with open-minded entrepreneurs would help your creative juices flow.
➺It is for you if you need to block some time out each month to work ON your business and to be held accountable for getting the work done.

It would feel so great to know that you BELONG to and are a  part of a community of Heartledpreneurs, wouldn't it?

Heartledpreneurs come together with one like-minded goal in mind and that is to create positive change in this world.
In Social Media Think Tank, we walk away feeling great every time with the connections we’ve made and knowing that we have helped other entrepreneurs set themselves up for success for the month ahead.

We often talk about social media changes and best practices as part of our time together each month. Social Media Think Tank attendees find this helpful as they navigate their strategy for the month ahead.

Social Media Think Tank is designed to help you:
* be inspired by others
* to get your creative juices flowing
* to learn and grow together with fellow, open-minded entrepreneurs
* brainstorm and create ONLINE CONTENT for the month ahead
* learn more about social media and how it can work for you to build connections and grow your business
* feel focused and productive
* to find your planning groove
* have a feeling of ease as you navigate the month ahead in your business

"I love the fact that I can plan my month ahead in one workshop. It is an effective and productive use of my time to attend Social Media Think Tank each month.

Masterminding with other like-minded entrepreneurs always gives me fresh perspectives and ideas and I always appreciate the guidance that I receive at Social Media Think Tank."

Did You Know...

Social Media Think Tank has been meeting monthly since April 2018!

And some of our founding members continue to be with us to this day.

Are you wondering if this is a good choice for you?

I always like to ask myself the question:
"What have I got to lose, Amanda."

SO...I will ask you..."My heartled friend, what have you got to lose?"

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• recurring monthly payment
• cancel at any time
• applicable taxes included

Connection | Creative Juices | Clarity

Amanda Gobatto

Amanda Gobatto | Founder of Heartledpreneurs™ (she/her) is...

◦  a wife and a mom of two children
◦  a retired educator
◦  published writer
◦  FemCity Board member and Collective Leader
◦  and last but definitely not least, a passionate, heartfelt entrepreneur who guides small business owners to feel connected, clear and confident in their branding, marketing and messaging as well as business systems and strategies and implementing online aspects of their business. 

    Amanda supports small business owners through:
    ◦  1:1 coaching and consulting
    ◦  monthly Social Media Think Tank sessions
    ◦  and online training experiences

    Amanda has the gift of understanding the digital world and connecting with audiences in the online space. Over 16 years ago, Amanda became a blogger, growing an audience of Canadian Moms syndicated to over 100,000 followers. Since then, she has worked with brands like Today's Parent and Netflix all while sharing stories and continuing to inspire, empower and educate entrepreneurs across the globe.

    Her mission is to work with fellow Heartledpreneurs to create positive change in this world together.

    Still undecided? Have some questions?
    I'm here to help! Email me any time at