Planner and Productivity Bliss

It's time to FEEL organized about how you plan your day, your week, your month and your year!

$27 (applicable taxes included)

Planning, scheduling and getting work done ON your business can be difficult when your life is running at full speed and you feel like you're
constantly juggling all of the balls in the air.

Do any of these apply to you lately:
♡ Have you missed a deadline, event or meeting?
♡ Do you feel scattered or all over the place?
♡ Do you feel like you’re juggling many things at once?
♡ Are you struggling prioritizing the items on your to-do list?
♡ Do you crave ease and flow through your day to day life?

If you’re like me, you have many things on the go at once.
For my work day alone, I am tracking scheduled client sessions, work tasks for multiple projects and clients, follow-ups, client support, marketing, prep work for upcoming workshops, percolating on upcoming projects AND MORE.

I could let all of this overwhelm me.
I could worry about missing or forgetting something.

I’ve learned how to observe my personal and professional workflow habits and created a system of flow that works effectively for me.
There are many planners/organizers out there and trust me, I feel like I had tried them all.

Through this process, I have learned how to pay attention to my needs to keep me moving forward EFFECTIVELY and with flow and ease and I would love to teach you how to do this for yourself. There is no one system that is cut and paste and works for ALL. Instead, we need to understand our own personal workflow/task flow needs and learn how to best track them in a way that is customized to US. In this free webinar, I’m going to teach you how to get yourself back on track and/or how to keep yourself moving forward (or on track) and feel like you’ve got a handle on your
day to day, week to week and month to month personal + professional workflow and habits.

This class, will set you up to:
♡ Be in a better place to plan ahead in your business with clarity and ease
♡ Choose and/or use your current planner to its maximum potential for your organization and productivity
♡ Inspire you to re-evaluate your current way of planning, scheduling and working ON your business
♡ Motivate you to create a system (remember, systems don’t have to be rigid at all!) that works for you effectively
♡ Feel excited about moving through the year having a handle on your productivity, goals and serving your purpose

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(applicable taxes  are already included)

This class is a pre-recorded 2 hour class.

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Planner Productivity Bliss Tuesday November 16th

$27 CAD

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Amanda Gobatto | Founder of Heartledpreneurs™ (she/her) is...

◦  a widow and a Mom of two teens
◦  a retired elementary educator
◦  former part time marketing professor
◦  published writer
◦  sat on various boards
◦  and last but definitely not least, a passionate, heartfelt entrepreneur who guides small business owners to feel connected, clear and confident in their branding, marketing and messaging as well as business systems and strategies and implementing online aspects of their business. 

    Amanda supports small business owners through:
    ◦  1:1 coaching and consulting + strategizing
    ◦  Marketing Think Tank sessions, Work Pods, connection circles
    ◦  online Professional Learning workshops + courses

    Amanda has the gift of understanding the digital world and connecting with audiences in the online space. Over 18 years ago, Amanda became a blogger, growing an audience of Canadian Moms syndicated to over 100,000 followers. Since then, she has worked with a variety of solopreneurs and brands like Today's Parent and Netflix all while sharing stories and continuing to inspire, empower and educate entrepreneurs across the globe.

    Her mission is to work with fellow Heartledpreneurs to create a positive impact in this world together.