Landing Page Bliss - Self Guided Learning, Pre-Recorded Class

How to Create an Effective + Impactful Landing Page and Sales Copy

What would it feel like to receive more signs ups or sales
than you ever could have imagine?

You know that happy dance that we all do when someone signs up for a class/workshop/webinar OR program?
Ok, it might not be a happy dance for you, perhaps it's a huge smile (inside or out).
You know what I'm talking about though, right?

Just in case you are wondering ~ no, this isn't me, but I do look like this when I'm doing my happy dances!!!

In this webinar, you will learn a simple rinse and repeat process to create EFFECTIVE content that connects directly with your aligned clients, the people who will experience the most impactful transformation.

Learn the Heartledpreneur 
Simple Process to guiding your clients through the sales journey.

This is a 1-hour Pre-Recorded Workshop Training

Are you ready to feel...

  • organized & clear
  • empowered
  • successful

Your Guide, Amanda Gobatto

Heartledpreneur | Digital Girl

Amanda Gobatto (she/her) is a mom of two children and a passionate, heartfelt entrepreneur who guides small business owners to feel connected, clear and confident in their branding, marketing and messaging. She supports entrepreneurs through 1:1 coaching and consulting, monthly Social Media Think Tank sessions and online training experiences. Connecting with audiences in the online space started when Amanda became a blogger over 15 years ago. Since then, she has worked with brands like Today's Parent and Netflix all while sharing stories and continuing to inspire, empower and educate entrepreneurs across the globe.

Amanda has been a featured speaker at events for:

Other Heartledpreneurs have said...

"I am grateful for your heartled approach to marketing."

"Thanks for being on my team:)  I'm so grateful I met you! Creating posts now feels fun and creatively inspiring!"

"Just a little love note of gratitude for your word Smyth skills (how very Brigit Goddess like) and your tech skills (ARCH angel metatron) and your endless curiosity to create!

Thank you for helping me build me an army of light!"

No more throwing spaghetti at the wall.
No more wondering whether or not you are doing this right.  

Creating Content for Your Next Landing Page will be a breeze!

Questions? Feel free to reach out any time: